19 Jun Emails + Landing Page / Condé Nast Traveler

  Email campaign. 3 efforts total (shown are effort 1) Re-vitalized previous years efforts Implemented new CNT's style Tested 6 different price offers for Effort 1 Created more visible call-to-action   Landing page. Goal: Create a simpler and more user-friendly interface. Drastically shortened Pre-populated top of form with donor name...

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19 Jan HTML5 Animated Ads / WALDEN

Developed a set of digital ads including Social Media (Facebook) headers, posts and animated html5 banner ads.   click links below to view animated ads:   AfricaBanner Ad 160 x 600 AfricaBanner Ad 250 x 250 AfricaBanner Ad 320 x 50 AfricaBanner Ad 728 x 90...

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16 Jan Landing Page / FORREIGN AFFAIRS

Landing page for Foreign Affairs Magazine. Special offer for print and digital subscription. Simple, interactive design to make it easy to choose the right subscription package....

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